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“Staying rooted to your culture/tradition and being proud of where you come from is the first step for knowing and discovering yourself.” –Yours Truly.

Face the Uncomfortable!

Face the Uncomfortable!

“The road to comfort is crowded and it rarely gets you there. Ironically, it’s those who seek out discomfort that are able to make a difference and find their footing.” -Seth Godin


Until you face the uncomfortable you don’t realize the amount of ‘work’ that needs to be done on yourself. 

This was a very spontaneously photoshoot by SLR Infinity at the Walden Galleria mall in Cheektowaga, New York. Public photoshoots in traditional attire definitely is not my cup of chai. But, it is always easier to dwell within the boundaries of comfortable than it is to face and experience the uncomfortable.  Now don’t get me wrong- I am not saying this because I think I am perfect and have conquered all my fears and have explored all my boundaries. It is simply an advice to me- me talking to myself in front of a mirror in the form of a blog. I recently came across an article on ‘12 ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone every-day’.

Out of the 12 ways stated in the article, my personal favourite is #4- “take a different route home”. I usually stick to the same train platform going home after work. It is not until I decided to take a different route one day that I bumped into and reconnected with an old friend! From that quick conversation with her, I discovered a hair salon that was walkable distance from my work. The next day, I decided to not pick the safe choice (#3 from the article) and walked into the salon for a haircut- not knowing the outcome. Surprisingly, Yuna from Hair District understood my taste/ style and contributed beautifully towards my ‘best haircut’ experience! If I took the train from my usual platform that day- I wouldn’t have reconnected with my friend nor would I have discovered a hidden hair salon.

5 feelings I felt and overcame as I stepped out of my comfort zone:

1)     Feeling of being watched and judged

2)     Nervousness

3)     Fear of cyber bullying

4)     Feeling of acceptance- feeling of acceptance not from the public rather the feeling of accepting myself

5)     Feeling of being proud of the uniqueness of outfit and my culture

Take home message: step out of the routine and discover the uncomfortable!

Kutch embroidery vest from: A vendor in Gujarat

Shot by: SLR Infinity

Mehndi Ki Raat: did you know mehndi relieves stress?

Mehndi Ki Raat: did you know mehndi relieves stress?

What is a Linchpin?

What is a Linchpin?