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“Staying rooted to your culture/tradition and being proud of where you come from is the first step for knowing and discovering yourself.” –Yours Truly.


Happy International Women’s Day!


Today I had a long conversation with my cousin Veda about Indian weddings and specifically my cousin Kedar’s recent wedding. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend his wedding last month in Gujarat for which I will feel remorseful for life!!!!!!!

I will share their special moments, outfits and wedding details/ideas soon! For now, I dedicate my Women’s Day post to my gorgeous cousins! Here is what they wore to the wedding! #twinning  


In the Indian culture, elephants are a symbol of mental strength, good luck, prosperity and responsibility. Elephants in India enjoy the attention they get due to their popularity and their charismatic attitude. Lucky elephants!

Hindus in India and around the world worship elephants because they are a representation of Lord Ganesh – God with the head of an elephant! Additionally, Indians have a symbolic representation for some parts of the elephant’s body. For example, the large ears symbolize a good/patient listener. The small eyes symbolize spiritual truth, not physical truth. The long trunk represents the importance of smelling and sensing the good and evil and the big, round belly symbolizes the ability to digest all the good and evil in life. The big belly for me symbolizes food! :p


Indian wedding food is unbelievably delicious! I want to visit India and crash weddings for the food! Are you in? :0

P.S. Don’t my cousins and I look alike?! I guess good-looks run in the fam! 


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