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“Staying rooted to your culture/tradition and being proud of where you come from is the first step for knowing and discovering yourself.” –Yours Truly.

DIY: traditional tassel earrings

DIY: traditional tassel earrings

Bold accessories are a woman’s armour!

Living in North America an Indian girl does not have quick access to traditional accessories, which is why I bring you this post where you can learn to make traditional/ boho- tassel earrings at home!

This post is inspired by sweet Afrin. It is amazing how quickly you makes friends from across the world as a blogger! Checkout Afrin's DIYs here

Items you will need for this DIY project:

  • Scissors

  • Thin tassels (colour of your choice)

  • Hard cardboards 

  • Circular mirrors/ decorated centre piece for the earring (size of your preference)

  • Multi-purpose glue (that dries clear)

  • Decorative borders  

  • Push back (aka- a butterfly back) earring stopper - found an art supply store


Lets begin! 

1. Cut the cardboard (3in by 2.5in). Use a hard cardboard – don’t make the same mistake I made by using a flimsy cardboard!

2. Apply glue to the top right and bottom right corners of a firm cardboard.

3. Start wrapping tassels from the side to applied glue to the opposite side of the cardboard.

4. In order to ensure the wrapped tassels don’t separate, once you almost reach the end of the cardboard, I suggest you apply glue to the cardboard edges.

5. Once you reach the end of the cardboard, repeat step 1 and apply glue to the left top and left bottom of the cardboard.

6. Now, wrap the tassels going the opposite way (going towards the side you started with).

7. Repeat step 1 again to secure the ends of the string. And repeat step 3 again but this time applying a generous amount of glue to the side edges of the cardboard.

8. Use the scissors to cut the wrapped tassels in half (or make a cut at your preferred length).

9. Fold the extra cardboard into half making a triangle (exactly like the name place cards you see on wedding guest tables). This is your drying rack for the glue! Did I hear you say “pretty nifty”? Well thanks!

10. After you made the centre cut, carefully take each glued section (top and bottom) and place it on the drying rack for the glue to dry. Don’t let it sit on the rack until the glue dries hard – move onto the next step after the glue is semi-dry.

10 (A) This is an optional step - only apply glue to the inside tassels if you feel the tassels are not secured properly. 

11. Divide the top glued tassels into two parts (making one pair of earrings). It is easier to split the tassels into two when the glue is semi-dry.

12. This step involves using your creativity to add any kind of decorative pieces you like as a base/ centre of the earrings. First, take one semi-dried tassel and glue it to the back of the centre, making sure to follow the centre piece edge. Applying glue only to the back edges of the centre base will ensure tassels are hidden behind the base and don’t peak through when viewed from the front. Repeat this step for the second tassel set.

13. Almost there! Final step is to glue push-back earring stoppers to the back of the base (above the glued tassels).

14. As seen in the photos below, I used two different centre bases (a circular mirror and a decorated circular piece).

Here is the final product! 

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Do you prefer circular or oval earring bases? I personally like circular bases but if you try this DIY project with a different shape as a base remember to share your photos with me! 

I am also open to any suggestions/comments on anything. Feel free to leave me a comment or email me your suggestions and comments!

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I will leave you with a quote on earrings “you can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you” –stolen from Google.

Captured by: SLR Infinity




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