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“Staying rooted to your culture/tradition and being proud of where you come from is the first step for knowing and discovering yourself.” –Yours Truly.



When we wear a saree, we don’t just wear a garment, we don a history. It is said that the saree is one of the oldest garments in the world. In the Indus civilization, we see proof of a saree-like garment. So it is this history that we can wear, feel and touch. In every saree, in its pallu, its color, its craftsmanship, clings a glimpse of the creator- their thoughts, their traditions, and their history. I am awestruck thinking about the depth hidden in these six yards of fabric. –Anju Kadam


#100 saree pact- a pact between two friends kicked off in 2015. Their deal was to wear a 100 sarees throughout the year (repeats allowed) and share stories linked to the sarees on social media. Every saree has affiliations with the past, memories, stories etc. The saree I am wearing was a gift from my parents. Receiving gifts from my parents was never a special feeling until I got married, moved out and suddenly became part of a new family. I remember my mom telling the tailor to stitch my blouse one size bigger because as per my mom- all girls gain weight after marriage. And she was right! I argued with her for hours about how I will not gain but hey- I guess the law of weight gain after marriage is also called being ‘happily married’ ;)



SLR Infinity suggested the Neo-Gothic architecture of McMaster University for this look, as it is a traditional/vintage look with the bun and fresh jasmines. 


The archway in the following photos has beautifully carved Neo-Gothic (1900-1945) reveals that contain images to inspire learning. For example, I found carved ax and shovel that represents Mining Engineering, a wheelbarrow for Geology, and a student’s head wearing a mortarboard. I didn’t see a computer- I guess there weren’t any bloggers back in the Neo-Gothic days. 


It is via blogging that I get to discover local architecture, explore different ways of draping sarees, experiment with makeup, reconnect with my roots and the inner mathematician- check out my equation below :p

India = 22 official languages + stratified cast-system + countless traditions + countless cultures + 8 classical dance forms + loads of festivals + 100s of spices + plethora of colours and textures = saree.  Am I missing anything in my formula? Comment below and let me know! 

Captured by: SLR Infinity

Fresh jasmine flowers from: Jasmine Flowers 

Golden Rule #1: a quick solution to last minute outfit styling!

Golden Rule #1: a quick solution to last minute outfit styling!

Navaratna: meaning nine gems

Navaratna: meaning nine gems